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New: Click the FACpak logo below for our updated FACpak2™ kit for wilderness/camping/backpacking/hunting/fishing and motorcycling applications!

There should be a proper First Aid kit in every house, every car, every office. You know it, we know it, but we never get around to it! Here’s a way to say you care, and to be better prepared for those ‘situations’.

Make no mistake. These are REAL First Aid kits, not just half-empty boxes. The most frequent feedback we hear is "your kits are too full!". We put the best supplies – and lots of them – in our kits.

You can buy FAC First Aid kits for as little as $5 each. Show your loved ones you care! (PS: take care of yourself at the same time!)

First Aid Kits also make great promotional giveaways! And you can have your own logo or message imprinted on the kits! Click here for mor information (opens in a new window).

Prices: from $5 in quantity!!