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FAC First Aid is located in the Greater Toronto area, with production and warehouse facilities recently moved to Newmarket.


FAC First Aid is a "virtual" business: although we have production and warehouse facilities, we don't maintain a showroom or storefront. We love meeting our customers but we don't maintain expensive office facilities, so contact us if you want to get together and we'll make arrangements.

We've tried to make it easy to order from us or to reach us. Please let us know if we've missed any channels!

  • Online: there's a secure shopping cart on this website. You can also send us an eMail through our contact form.*
  • by Telephone: our Single Number Reach number is active 24/7. We'd ask you not to call outside business hours unless you have to!
  • by Fax: The same number automatically detects an incoming fax and will notify us that it has been received. You don't have to do anything special to send a fax!
  • by Mail: we pick up our mail at PO Box 293 at least once/week
  • in Person: as we said above, we don't have a store, so contact us by phone and we'd be delighted to get together.

Payment: we accept VISA/MASTERCARD, corporate and personal cheques and money orders, and PayPal for those who prefer other credit cards (like Amex).

A few customers have ruined it for everyone else. By being slow or non-payers, we have been forced to go to a prepayment model. If you're a large corporation and this doesn't work for you (although most of them have corporate credit cards), contact us and let's talk.

* There's no email address posted
on this site due to the realities
of spam and internet hackers.

Once we reply to legitimate inquiries,
you will have a direct eMail link for us.